What is Goodsie.com and why should you care?

I had the good fortune to run into this sweet setup for creating an ecommerce store that was amazingly simple! I do believe anyone could do it… yep… even technophobes! Absolutely NO CODING required.

Straightforward, easy to follow step by step setup plus great support should you need it. It also ties in with PayPal and Google Checkout.

There’s just no reason to put off building your own store anymore.

Check this out:

Goodsie.com from Hiidef on Vimeo.

I’m not worried. 

While there are lots of DIYers in the web world, my expertise will always be needed. And I truly adore DIYers and that’s why I write this blog. To help you and offer valuable resources.

Goodsie ecommerce stores — free for the first month and then $15 per month thereafter, no transaction fees. You can see some “store of the day” picks on their blog here >>

What do you think? How’s that for simple?