News: WordPress 3.3 has been released! Be sure to backup your entire WordPress before updating!

And with that in mind, I thought a post that features excellent information about WordPress from other sources would be a great resource for you.

For beginners:

The most inspiring thing about WordPress is that anyone can learn and master it, without spending a cent, in a relatively short period of time. More at:

For “On the Go” bloggers:

WordPress Want to keep that WordPress content fresh. No need to wait until you get back to your laptop or desktop. Creating posts and managing comments on the go is easy enough with the WordPress for iOS app. … More at: >

WordPress Security = always a concern…

What if a hacker fixed his sights on your blog or website? Is it vulnerable? Here’s a post I recently read about seven ways your WordPress is vulnerable:

If your WordPress core files, themes and plugins are up to date, I would try to guess your ‘admin’ password. I know the ‘admin’ user exists on most WordPress … Read more at:>

Plugin for organizing posts “upside down”

For a client that I recently finished a new WordPress site for needed posts in ascending order. We needed readers to find them in order of when they were written. It’s a lot easier to do this little miracle with a simple plugin…

By default, WordPress organizes post in descending order – which is to say reverse chronological order, or the most recent post at the top. Go here: The WordPress Experts –

I’ll be bringing you more WordPress plugins, apps and resources, so stay tuned!

How about you?

Have you found anything interesting you’d like to share when it comes to WordPress? Would love to have you share them!