“Clay Shirky: Why SOPA is a bad idea”

In this TED “Talks” video Clay shares the real impact of the SOPA PIPA legislation and warns us that even if it’s not passed we need to be prepared for a fight because that won’t end it. He tells us how for the past twenty years there has been efforts to stop us from sharing things we enjoy with each other.

In fact, if any legislation similar to SOPA ever passes, we could lose Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and much more. We may have to close comments on our own blogs.

But the most startling thing that this video brought to my mind was the story about a bakery and children’s artwork of their favorite characters. Very sad! And I never thought about this type of thing.

What’s the full story?

Watch the video below. It’s in the first minute or so and I’ll bet you will be shocked!

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