Go MobileLast week I attended Google’s Go Mobile webinar. I’ve been researching mobile for about a year and understand how quickly the market is growing (to put it mildly!). In fact, it’s said “mobile is ramping up much faster than any other technology we have seen.” (by Mary Meeker, Kleiner Perkins)

I’ve also been learning how to build mobile websites so they are optimized for search engines and for the people using them – particularly designed to help them find what their looking for online.  Desktop and mobile users have different reasons for going online.

Smart business owners take that to heart and provide the best user experience either way!

So what did Google have to say about Mobile Optimization? Here’s an outline of what was discussed on the Go Mobile “Best Practices” webinar:

  • By the end of 2011 over half of Americans will have a smart phone.
  • 79% of large online advertisers do not have a mobile optimized site. (Yet!)

    Go Mobile – Best Practices:

  • Keep it quick loading (i.e. compress images, prioritize content, use bullets sr buttons – not bulky copy)
  • Simplify navigation (have a clear hierarchy, avoid scrolling and rollovers)
  • Be “thumb-friendly”
  • Design for visibility (High contrast, have content fit screen, no need for pinching or zooming)
  • Make it accessible (Fit horizontal or vertical views, no flash)
  • Make it easy to convert (Click to call, minimal typing needed)
  • Make it local (Address, directions, map)
  • Make it seamless (Maintain key features)
  • Use mobile site redirects (Automatically detect and redirect for mobile devices)
  • Test, get feedback and continuously improve the experience

Great News…

At the end of the Go Mobile webinar was a Q&A. I had heard that Google had a separate search engine for mobile, so I asked about that. They answered that there is not a separate search engine for mobile but there is a Google mobile bot that checks for mobile optimization.

The search results on a mobile device would be different than regular SERPS, just like local search is different.

Right now, with 79% of large online advertisers without a mobile optimized site, and from what I’ve learned, 91% of all sites not optimized, getting a MUCH better position in Google results for a mobile optimized site is up for grabs! (hint hint!)

If you’re interested in talking about a mobile website for your business, I offer free consultations. Contact me through my contact form and we’ll set up a time to talk. I’m offering special pricing for a limited time. (And I have mobile sites to show you.)

Your turn…

Have you thought about taking advantage of what a mobile site can do for your online presence?

Is your site mobile optimized?

Go Mobile!