This TED Talk by Don Tapscott, the Futurist, is about “openness” expanding because of the Internet. It is inspiring and very interesting with an ending I won’t soon forget. In it he talks about when you get to the place where “the costs of staying (stagnant/closed) become greater than the costs of doing something different, perhaps even radically different.” (The new generation are “digital natives” while the rest of us are “digitial immigrants.”)

Don is adamant about embracing openness and not ignoring today’s capability for collaboration, transparency, sharing and empowerment (on a huge scale). (Me too!)

He also shares a few stories, such as about his neighbor’s gold mine, to illustrate his points. (Terrific stories!)

He adds many ponderable tidbits like, “think about Wall Street.” The core motive there almost brought down global capitalism. (Most of us feel that pain!)

On the other hand, he explains, “this technology push, and demographic kick from a new generation, and demand pull from a new global economic environment is causing the world to open up.” (A very good thing!)

Social media becomes social production, creating public value and values, and the concept of giving up assets such as intellectual property, results in business model innovation. (A great thing!)

At the end of the video you will be amazed at what he says and what he shows on screen. It’s worth your time to watch the entire video… (Amazing!)

Would love your thoughts on the video below in the comments…